A report from the land of bears and moose

June, 1996
Itís the answer to a simple question : where are we going to spend our holidays this summer.   What happened after that answer was quite various: an astonishing look, a worrying shake with the head as if we were fooling the questioner, or an enthusiastic shout as if he could come with us.  In brief, no two reactions were the same.

And then the questions like these followed : what temperature is it over there? Are you going the ski?  Does it become summer over there?  Is there something to see? You couldnít find something closer? Do you intend the come back? Can you take a picture of a moose for me?

One thing is for sure : we donít know exactly what lies ahead of us, and what we seem to know, we canít imagine how it looks like.  So, an other adventure as we love it Ö 

I. The Longest Day, 1996 (Brussels - Anchorage)
II. Half of Alaska in one city (Anchorage)
III. Alice in Talkeetna, Wonderland (Anchorage - Denali)
IV. "It's a bear ! It's a bear !" (Denali National Park)
V. Postboxes donít grow in the wilderness (Denali - Fairbanks)
VI. A canoe instruction along the backyards of Fairbanks (Fairbanks)
VII. Wet shorts in ice-old water (Chena River)
VIII. Moose ahead ! (Chena River)
IX. Sunburned feet in Alaska. (Chena River)
X. Forest fires out of nowhere (Fairbanks - Tok)
XI. To the top of the world (Tok - Dawson City)
XII. Boom, boost and ghost towns along the Klondike River (Dawson City)
XIII. Following the Yukon River back to the world (Dawson City - Whitehorse)
XIV. Dead Horse Trail, 100 years back in time (Whitehorse - Skagway - Haines)
XV. An elegant heavyweight ballet (Haines - Gustavus - Haines)
XVI. An introduction to the job of Ďflagmaní (Haines - Beaver Creek)
XVII. Everyday life with mosquitoes (Beaver Creek - Valdez)
XVIII. Crossing a zoo by ferry (Valdez - Whittier - Seward)
XIX. An Alaskan traffic rule : a moose always has priority (Seward - Kenai - Seward)
XX. The inevitable end gets closer (Seward - Anchorage)
XXI. A visit to the lost paradise (Big River Lakes)
XXII. Farewell to the midnight sun (Anchorage - Brussels)
XXIII. What remains of it ...