About these travel notes

This notebook is the result of the travels I've made during the last few years. I've been infected by an adventurous travel virus where at the moment no antivirus exists for. Please DO NOT search for one, I'm happy with that kind of disease ! 

But don't think I have the money to travel the whole year. I have to work too ! In my freetime I dream about my next travels, I read about faraway countries and I gather information of them on the web. When becomes a travel adventurous to me ? None of the destinations I choose look adventerous to me, until someone else asks me where I'm going to spend my next holidays. Then, it seems like they don't understand why I'm going there and what I'll be doing there. 

Anyway, these pages reflect the impressions I have returned with from my travels. They also give practical and independent information about the destinations (web links, books, necessary equipment, etc.). The idea is that anyone who is interested in going to any of these destinations, can browse into the information that I've found. Feel free to look around in these travelnotes. If you have any comments or questions, just mail me. 

Hans Rooselaer


I really don't mind if you copy information from this travelnotes but I would like then a favour in return : 
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        - E-mail me to tell me where you used it.


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to anyone who made me feel that my travelogues and information were useful and to those who put a link to this website.