Day 1 - March 25, 1996
Pont de Lariane (2024 m) - Refuge Agnel (2580 m) 

Refuge AgnelWe start at Pont de Lariane (2024 m), about 1 km east from Fontgillarde, the last village on the D205T which leads to Col Agnel. The road is closed during winter and is an easy track to reach Refuge Agnel at 2580 meters altitude. The sun is burning. At the opposite side of the valley we see some avalanches, indicating that spring is near. The cabin is located at the end of the valley and has room for about 50 people. The food is fine and hot showers are available.

Day 2 - March 26, 1996
Refuge Agnel day trip 

Climbing to Col VieuxWe make a day trip to Lac Foreant, located north of Refuge Agnel. After the climb to Col de l'Eychassier (2917 m), we ski downhill to Lac Foreant (2618 m). Then return via Col Vieux (2806 m) to the cabin. As the days are becoming longer now, we have time to climb the Pain de Sucre upto an altitude of 3000 meters. Clouds are coming up and we have to go back to the cabin.

Day 3 - March 27, 1996
Refuge Agnel (2580 m) - Chianale (1800 m) 

Vallone dell AgnelloThe climb to Col Agnel (2744 m) is quite easy. The descent at the Italian side is hard, as the snow is wet and heavy and the visibility low. When approaching the forest at 2000 meters, some ibex pass in front of us. Chianale (1800 m) is a ghost-town when we arrive, only some dogs are barking to welcome us. The pasta in the 'Aubergo' is delicious. At night, the chiming from at least 4 churches can be heard. A lot going on here for such an empty village !

Day 4 - March 28, 1996
Chianale (1800 m) - Refuge Agnel (2580 m) 

Climbing in Vallone dell Agnello We return the same way back in the Vallone dell Agnello, a climb of almost 1000 meters. The sun breaks through as we reach the treeline. It's becoming warm again. After 4 hours we are back in France at the Col Agnel.
An ice-cold wind is blowing at the mountain pass. The snow is excellent today. We ski downhill much further than the cabin were we have to end today. The climb of 190 meters afterwards is nothing compared with the joy of a slope in a perfect condition. We stay the night again at Refuge Agnel.

Day 5 - March 29, 1996
Refuge Agnel (2580 m) - Pont de Lariane (2024 m) 

Early in the morning we go uphill following the slopes of the Pic de Caramantran to Col de Chamoussiere (2882 m). The weather is great today, no wind, blue sky and not too warm.

On Col de ChamoussiereAlso an excellent spot to take a picture of the group. The view over the French and Italian part of the Queyras is amazing.

Downhill in the St.Veran valleyThe descent to Chapelle de Clausis (2340 m) in the valley of St.-Veran in fresh snow is smooth. The last climb to Col de Longet (2701 m) and descent back into the 'Vallee d'Agnel' brings us back to our starting point.